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Even though I thought I had finally outgrown acne, there’s always something popping up, isn’t there?

It may not be Christmas, and it may not be the most expected gift any time of the year, but here’s an indispensable item to give to yourself and your friends: a pen-sized pimple eradicator called On the Spot RX TouchStick compounded by Ellen Gendler, my most wonderful dermatologist.

Gendler has created a whole line of products that I think are good, or good for me, anyway, but this little stick is a real wonder. You get to play mad scientist, too, since the package contains the pen-thing applicator and some magic potion to add to it.

You also get an excellent concealer, small enough to hide in your purse. They don’t leak, evaporate, or spill on things in your cosmetic bag. I keep a TouchStick by my bathroom sink, in my office desk, and in my travel kit.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to my doctor, but I’ve often applied it to a sore hangnail or other irritations (like the wound left when she removed an odd-looking spot on my back last week), and the inflammation disappears in no time, leaving no scar.

No point in keeping this goody a secret. You can order by calling Gendler’s office: (212) 288-8222. (Some products are featured on her website, but TouchStick isn’t among them.)

Getting Skin Appointment products is easy; getting an appointment with Gendler is altogether another matter.

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