Let’s face it: When the Golden Girls TV sitcom made its debut on NBC in September 1985, things like empty nests, retirement, and menopause were in the far distant future for most of us. Yet the writers, actors, and others involved with the show did such a good job of making the lives of “women of a certain age” so vibrant, interesting and, yes, funny, that the Emmy-winning show was in the top 10 for six of its seven seasons and lives on in reruns for generations of devoted fans.

In another sign of the show’s enduring popularity, last week the toy company Funko unveiled the Golden Girls dolls that will soon be coming to market. Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White), Dorothy (Bea Arthur), and Sophia (Estelle Getty) will be joining the likes of Batman, Captain America, and Superman in the action figure universe.

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The news was greeted with delight in the media. E! said on it’s website eonline.com:

More than three decades after premiering on NBC, The Golden Girls still have a cult following of loyal TV fans, which span generations, so these Funko figures couldn’t be more deserved.

Bust magazine said:

The dead-on dolls include Dorothy with the smug arm cross and note that the only one with flirty lips is Blanche. So if you threw a party, and invited everyone you knew, the biggest gift might actually come in a very small size.

The website Mediaite said:

These things usually retail for about $9 but the Golden Girls Pop! dolls are pre-ordering at around $11, so hurry up and get your money ready. You’re going to need to move quickly. When I worked at Barnes & Noble, I saw these things fly off the shelves for franchises way less beloved (and politically polarizing) than The Golden Girls.

Add our voices to those celebrating the news. We completely agree that women in the second half of life should be cherished!


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