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Get Summer Arms in One Month

#3 Rear Flyes  Loop tubing around a pole and hold handles in front at chest level (image 6). Keep your wrists, elbows, and whole arm straight as you open the arms out toward back (image 7). Return with control. Repeat 10-15X. (Note: to accomplish this exercise with dumbbells, you need to bend your back over 90 degrees, with the dumbbells hanging straight down. Then lift them out to the sides to level with your torso.)

Summer Arms image 6

Summer Arms image 7

#4, Upright Rows  Standing on tubing, hold handles in front (image 8). Pull your hands up the front of your body, allowing the elbows to bend out to the sides, until handles are shoulder height (image 9). Lower with control. Repeat 10-15 X.

Summer Arms image 8 Summer Arms image 9

#5 Overhead Presses  Standing on tubing, hold handles at shoulder level (image 10). Press up both arms overhead (image 11). Lower with control. Repeat 10-15 X. 

Summer Arms image 10 Summer Arms image 11

After doing the whole set of five exercises, rest for 1–2 minutes. Then, using heavier resistance tubing (or stand on more of the tubing, making it shorter, which increases resistance), repeat the whole set two more times, for a total of three full rounds. Progressing to heavier resistance is key to developing the muscles you want for your shoulders to look sculpted. The resistance should not be so much that you can’t do at least 8 repetitions with good form. If you are using dumbbells, switch to heavier dumbbells, but again, not so heavy that you can’t do at least 8 reps with good form. 

For summer arms in one month, repeat this routine twice a week for the next four weeks. Next week, we will learn some more exercises to define and beautifully shape your arms. 

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