We are not normally huge fans of the website Gawker, which chronicles the New York doings of the great and the good in a snarky fashion that is often a bit much for our delicate sensibilities. Ahem. But today, we love Noelle Hancock’s posting.  She cites the website called TMZ – no, we are not going  to link because frankly it’s just too stupid a destination for you to waste your time on – and their feature today called Premature Aging. These guys have actually selected a gallery of 74 photos of celebrities who they deem look “decades older.” Of course, the photos are mostly women, with Mickey Rourke thrown in as the token…whatever. Hancock, who is probably not the former president of NOW, is sharp enough to call TMZ “perpetually misogynistic.” Cheers, Noelle. And really, even in the business of celebrity gossip, there are far better and smarter places places to visit. Our choice? We love…click here!

-Elaine L.

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