Woman Mentions Menopause — In Public!: You’d think this wouldn’t make the lede in a political story, but clearly CBS’ Ben Smith was stunned by this woman’s daring: “In her first tour of Iowa last weekend, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton emerged as a candidate hard-edged enough to threaten violence, yet explicitly female enough to make women feel so comfortable that one mentioned menopause in front of crowd of more than 1,000 people,” reports Smith. Later in the story he mentions again that a teacher in Des Moines said out loud that she is going through menopause.

Call for Silver Foxes: With three over-50 actresses among the nominees for Best Actress, this Academy Awards season has been dubbed “Year of the Silver Foxes.” To celebrate, the Cincinnati Enquirer is spotlighting “women over 50 who have used their ages to shine in something – a job, a hobby or a personal goal – that historically has been the domain of younger women.” For example, did you found your own company at age 52? Start a singing career at 65? Ride a motorcycle across the country at 71? If you live in Cincinnati, be sure to let them know. (And why not tell us your story, too?)

How Match.com Found Love Among Boomers: Match.com has done well by targeting older daters -– and more sites, like AOL co-founder Steve Case’s newly launched RevolutionHealth.com, are aiming for an older online audience, according to the Wall Street Journal. “There is no question that [the over-50 segment] are, in size and spending, a very rich vein of opportunity,” said Match owner Barry Diller.

Berlusconi Flirts. His Wife’s Fed Up. Read All About It: Veronica Lario, the wife of Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, had had enough public humiliation for one marriage. So she demanded -– and got -– a very public apology.

Fooling the Fertility Doctor: A woman who gave birth at age 66 told the fertility doctor she was 55. Her twin boys were born, premature, in Barcelona on Dec. 29. Read the story in the Los Angeles Times. Is more regulation needed? What should the cut off be for women -– and is there a double standard if no one is concerned about the age of the father?

Osteoporosis: Not Just A Woman’s Problem: The authors of a paper that appears in the Jan. 30 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal hope to make physicians more aware of the risk of osteoporosis in men. “The problem is that when men sustain fractures they are more likely to die or suffer a disability,” said Dr. Aliya A. Khan, a professor of clinical medicine.

World’s Oldest Woman Dies in Connecticut: A salute to Emma Faust Tillman, who was 114 when she died last Sunday, just four days after being declared the oldest person in the world. The New York Times reports:

To say Emma Faust Tillman lived a full life would be an epic understatement. She was one of 23 children born to former slaves in North Carolina, and one of only 15 who lived to adulthood. She was the first black student to graduate from Glastonbury High School, just a few miles south of here, and voted in the first election in which women were allowed to do so. Discrimination prevented her finding a job as a secretary, so she began catering, eventually baking cakes for Katharine Hepburn’s father and Jackie Robinson. […]

On her 113th birthday in 2005, Mrs. Tillman received 113 long-stem red roses from a much younger man — Donald Pitkin, a member of the East Hartford Town Council, who at the time was 84. “My, my, what a lot of beautiful flowers,” those who were present recall her saying. “It makes a woman think she might want to get married again.”

Mrs. Tillman’s husband died in 1939, before the United States entered World War II.

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