In the Trenches Productions: Here’s news we’re delighted to share — "Hollywood’s relentless pursuit of youth has shut out most women over 40. Enter In The Trenches Productions, a film company made up of female writers, producers and actresses dedicated to creating and producing projects that focus on the stories of women, especially those of the baby boomer and beyond generation. Because women over 40 have been underserved by the media for too long, In The Trenches Productions has created this multifaceted resource and entertainment website that will resonate with women over 40 everywhere."  Check it out here.

New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines: The American Cancer Society issued new guidelines this week urging annual MRIs for women at high risk for breast cancer. And the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found MRIs were effective at finding tumors that mammograms and physical exams had missed. Here’s more coverage from The New York Times, which considers how insurance companies will response; and NPR, which posted a transcript of an interview with Dr. Christy Russell, chair of the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Advisory Group.

More Marathon: More Magazine held its fouth annual marathon for women age 40 and over on Sunday in New York’s Central Park. More than 6,000 runners took part. A slideshow of marathon moments is available.

Running in Space: Speaking of marathons, "Sunita Williams has qualified for this year’s 111th running of the Boston Marathon. But on April 16, the Needham native who is a NASA astronaut will be situated 200 miles above the earth’s surface — so she’ll run the 26.2 miles on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station," reports the Boston Globe. The 41-year-old astronaut also recently set the record for women’s spacewalking — with more than 29 hours in space.

Long-Term or No-Term?: The New York Times looks at the trouble with long-term care policies that end up denying coverage. It’s part of the Times’ series "examining how businesses and investors seek to profit from the soaring number of older Americans, in ways helpful and harmful." A disproportionate number of complaints against the major long-term-care insurers have focused on Conseco (one complaint for every 383 policy holders), its affiliate, Bankers Life, and Penn Treaty. By comparison, notes the Times, Genworth Financial, the largest long-term-care insurer, received only one complaint for every 12,434 policies.

Fluid Identity: We’ve long been told "You are what you eat," but now there’s a beverage guidance system, too. On that note, have you heard of Divas Uncorked?

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