Pull up a chair and settle in to read this excellent New York Times Magazine story on changing family values — family leave values, that is, that protect pregnant women and employees who need to care for a sick child or relative.

The salaries of women in their 20s in New York and several other large cities are outpacing those of men, according to Andrew A. Beveridge, a demographer at Queens College, while nationwide women’s  paychecks are still lagging behind. The reason is matter of some debate, writes Sam Roberts in the NYT, but experts say one major cause "is that women have been graduating from college in larger numbers than men, and that many of those women seem
to be gravitating toward major urban areas."

The Boston Herald profiles Barbara Lee, a woman who supports women in both politics and the contemporary arts through the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and Lee Family Office.

The House voted 225-199 earlier this week to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision
from May 29 that limited the time that workers have to sue their
employers for pay discrimination to 180 days from the time the employer
starts paying less — even if the employee doesn’t discover the
discrimination until many years later. Lilly Ledbetter, the plaintiff
at the center of the Supreme Court ruling Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., who filed the sex discrimination suit, has a piece in the Christian Science Monitor urging Congress to act.

"Remember the Marie Antoinette moment when hordes of poor Filipinos
stormed the palace to find Imelda Marcos’ thousands of shoes? Why did
Imelda’s shoes become the enduring image for the corrupt reign of her
president husband, Ferdinand? And why can’t Conrad Black be held solely
responsible for his actions? It’s likely that his decision to
misappropriate millions of dollars was made for his pleasure too," writes Laura Hodes in this Chicago Tribune op-ed on society’s desire for a femme fatale.

The worst headline of the week goes to … Chicago Sun-Times for giving Leslie Baldacci’s story on "the new niche of sex-and-older-women books" the title "Ripe & Ready." Argh.


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