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This week from the blogosphere: Money Wise Women on resilience, a tribute to uber-designer Diane von Furstenberg, and WVFC contributor Julia Kay’s Portrait Party takes Barcelona by storm.

  • Chicology points us to a recent Telegraph UK profile of the majestic Diane von Furstenberg, who emphasizes to her audience “All women are strong…My mother survived Auschwitz, and fear wasn’t an option when we were growing up. If we were afraid of the dark, we were put into the closet until we weren’t.” Maybe all that time in the closet inspired von Furstenberg to fill it with wrap dresses.
  • Speaking of WVFC contributors, the intrepid Mare Contrare is headed back to Afghanistan, continuing (as she described for WVFC here) her efforts to become our generation’s Ernie Pyle. On her blog Afghanistan Through My Eyes, Mare begins this tour with one overarching question: “Deploying with the troops this time I will be one the ground as our fresh battalions replace other troops who have completed their tours. The question is: With more troops arriving, will they be able to bridge the disconnect between the smaller tactical units, such as the one I was embedded with, with the larger strategic trends?”  We’ll follow her progress on her blog and Facebook, and can’t wait to hear her reflections upon her return.
  • As the job market bobs back to life, Sherri Edwards at Money Wise Women offers some brisk advice for those seeking re-entry. Getting the job, she says, is often half the challenge: “It has been my experience that often too much weight is placed on finding the ‘job’ as the answer. Often people fail to change their behavior, lifestyle or outlook to ensure they can get on track (and stay on track),” she writes. And remember, she adds, that the tests don’t end once hired: “How we respond to change, adversity, and life’s challenges is going to continue be a test we all must pass to stay in the game.”
  • An example of resilience that might have impressed Sherri Edwards comes from Lori Tubaya and Barbara Collins at MomsRising.  Collins describes how she navigated some major transitions, from a cross-country move in 1986 at age 40 to a recent shift to working for her storage company from a home office. Of the latter, she wondered: “Was this the way for them to test me and slowly ease me out?  Then I got a call from another member of our team who had already transitioned to working at home and had suffered through many of the same fears.  She told me what a difference it made for her and to her life and to be open minded and try it. This was the best thing that has happened for me and my husband since I started working.”

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