Fitness Saturday: Get Re-Inspired with Jane Fonda

jack-chairJack LaLaane

Jack LaLaane, was the pioneer of the in-home television fitness phenomenon. In the 1960s he made exercise at home accessible and he made fitness easy for every one with a television. I remember seeing him on the black and white TV screen when I was a child. He had amazing energy and enthusiasm and a belief that everyone could benefit from an exercise routine. I remember his “chair exercises,” which were mostly a way to do abdominals while sitting by pulling your knees into your chest. How ingenious!  No need to lie down on the floor, just sit on a chair and exercise.  During the course of my work and ongoing training, I had an opportunity to meet Mr. LaLaane on several occasions.  He was already in his 80s but he still looked as fit as ever and was doing chin ups! I remember shaking his hand and his grip was crushing. He encouraged me to value the virtues of daily exercise and good health habits and his life was a testament to these virtues.

Jane Fonda VHS

Fitness videos made exercise at home even easier since a video could be watched at any time. These videos gave everyone in all socio-economic groups the opportunity to get into shape without the expense of gym membership or a personal trainer.  Jane Fonda created the first fitness video in 1982, titled “ Jane Fonda’s Workout.” Millions of women bought the video and became Jane addicts.  I own a copy of this video and have tried the workout. . . and it really is a workout! I believe that it is the hardest, most complete no–equipment workout video ever produced.  This first video was considered very difficult for beginners but the good news is that Fonda continued to make workout videos that allowed people at all levels of fitness to find a routine. . . and most of them you can find for FREE on YouTube. Read More

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