The Washington Post has published a terrific multimedia package on feminism and art, and it looks like it will continue to focus a lens on the subject throughout the year. Here’s a list of related exhibitions, books and plays, and a look at some of the content added to the WaPo website so far:

What is Feminist Art?: Post critic Blake Gopnik argues it’s "The most important artistic movement since World War II."

A Place of Honor, or of Confinement?: Ann Hornaday returns to the question of whether The National Museum of Women in the Arts expands or limits opportunities for women artists. Plus, here’s an audio tour of the museum with its director, Judy L. Larson.

Judy Chicago on "The Dinner Table": The artist narrates a slideshow of her most famous work, now on permanent display at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. 

The Guerrilla Girls Raid a Male Stronghold: The Guerrilla Girls, a group of artists who comment — always anonymously — on gender and racial discrimination in the art world, offer a visual take on museums in Washington. And be sure to read this online discussion with Guerrilla Girl "Frida Kahlo." In response to a question asking whether "more female artists are getting a shot at the big museum collections," Kahlo responded:

We hope it’s getting better but the statistics from the national museums were a shock to us. It made us think about the difference between being in a collection and having your work hanging in the museum galleries. The Hirshhorn Collection for example is 85% male, 15% female yet the art work on exhibit right now is 95% male and 5% female. Women artists, under-represented in the collections, are being further edited out of the exhibitions. It’s even worse for artists of color. And these museums are our national museums, supported by our tax dollars. Everyone has the right to complain about it.

Plus: More on Judy Chicago’s "The Dinner Table" at Slate from writer and curator Mia Fineman.


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