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Favorite Summer Indulgences from Stylist Cristina Ehrlich

78b0a3_c5a6732e091a4725b05e6486e1d90bb0.jpg_srz_p_260_480_75_22_0.50_1.20_0As we are now in the throes of summer, we’ve asked several accomplished women of style whom we admire to come up with 10 sweet  indulgences for the season. This week we invited stylist Cristina Ehrlich to share with us her favorite picks. Cristina’s style philosophy is a classic, chic and timeless sensibility with a modern edge. Her contributions to the fashion scene span celebrities, editorial, and advertising as well as design. She works regularly with Hollywood’s stars, including Penelope Cruz, Margot Robbie, Julianna Margulies, and Tina Fey. For her unique vision and style she was awarded “Celebrity Stylist of the Year” at the 2012 Style Awards in New York City.—Ed.





Favorite Summer Destination: The Beach.

7119083551_2a21e77d06_zImage from Flickr via


Current Summer Reading: Just Kids, by Patti Smith.



What to Wear to a Summer Party: A Yvonne Sporre sundress handmade in Ibiza.

yvonne-sporre-printed-cotton-gauze-oversize-dress-1eYvonne Sporre Printed Cotton Gauze Dress


Favorite Summer Fragrance: Moon Oil, a beautiful scent from the boutique Warm in New York City. 

WarmWarm boutique in New York City. Image via Facebook.

Warm Ford

Necessary Summer Indulgence: Throwbed/outdoor mattress from The Hedge House—a fun, chic cross between a mattress and pouf that is light enough to roll up and take on the go.

TB-SLMBW-alt1Sur La Mer Bleu Wide Throwbed from The Hedge House


Preferred Seasonal Spa Fix: The signature stem cell and oxygen treatment from Dr. Harold Lancer

Favorite House Gift for a Summer-Weekend Invitation: A bottle of rosé wine from my boyfriend’s vineyard.

Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser Geranium Leaf Body Cleanserindulgence with a dose of reality

Favorite Summer Entertaining Tip: Dinner outdoors as often as possible.

2784340500_af4de9f823_zImage from Flickr via


Preferred Summer Accessories: Raquel Allegra shredded scarf to keep the sun off my chest; Thierry Lasry sunglasses; and a VK Lillie medicine bag.

                                             Recycled Glove Leather, Quartz crystals Medicine Bag by VK Lillie


Current Film on Your List to See This Summer: Saint Laurent, the French biography drama film co-written and directed by Bertrand Bonello, on the life of  Yves Saint Laurent.

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