Although it’s nowhere near Mother’s Day, mothers have been on our minds a lot. And, of course, we don’t need Mother’s Day to honor our mothers: That ought to be an everyday commitment. So, with mothers on our minds,  we are re-sharing an article we featured last year on the jewelry designer Janet Hill Talbert. Her Bible-scripture-inspired designs serve as the perfect gift idea. 

As our readers learned about Janet’s story, they shared with us that this was a story of transformation as well. One reader remarked, “Janet Hill embodies the concept of reinvention and living one’s best life. That she followed her inspiration into a new career makes her an exemplary model.”—Eds.

This past Mother’s Day, we shared with you the gifts we gave our mothers that, often to our great surprise (and relief), lit up their world. One of those featured gifts, given by Grace Ali to her mother, was a gorgeous cuff engraved with one of her mother’s favorite Bible scriptures: “His mercy endures forever” (Psalm 136). Well, not only did our readers really love the cuff, our own Dr. Patricia Allen, too, fell in love with it and thought it would make the perfect gift for a dear friend. Many of you begged to know more about the jewelry designer, Janet Hill Talbert, and her line, On This Rock Jewelry. Here, we share with you her story and our favorite picks from her collection.

About the Designer Janet Hill TalbertJanet Hill Talbert did not start out as a jewelry designer—far from it. In her first life, in the world of book publishing, she spent 22 years as a successful editor in New York City at Doubleday, working her way up to executive editor and vice president at Doubleday and Harlem Moon, an African-American book imprint she founded. In 1998, a simple walk on the beach changed the course of her life. “During the summer of 1998, while on the beach in Nantucket I gathered several smooth stones that were precious in their simplicity,” she shares on her website. “As I continued to walk, feeling the warm weight of the stones in my hands, I was overcome by a sense that one day I would make jewelry using these stones.”

And she has made good on her promise to herself. Those first steps on the beach led to courses at the Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan and training at the Bianca Lopez Studio and the Fred de Vos Wax Workshop. Janet took what she learned from those courses and began wearing the jewelry she made—initially, just for herself—embracing the world as her own jewelry model. But it wasn’t just a newfound passion for jewelry-making that was fueling Janet. She wanted to infuse her designs with another lifelong passion, as she puts it: “God’s love.” How does one accomplish something so monumental? For Janet, it was as simple as reminding people of the words or symbols of that universal love.

And so she married her newfound skills as a jewelry designer with Scripture passages that inspire, encourage, and uplift her—words that she had grown up with in her own Christian family as well as lessons she was discovering as she studied the Old Testament of the Bible with more depth and a new pair of eyes. “As people put on my jewelry and contemplate the scripture or symbol it carries,” says Janet, “I literally want them to feel they are arming themselves with the power of God’s love.” It is this love that is the essence of her vision and that sets her apart from other jewelry lines and designers.

In 2008, Janet officially walked away from Doubleday to focus on the work of building her company, On This Rock Jewelry, and now, some five years later, that “classic leap of faith,” as she calls it, continues to pay dividends. Kathie Lee Gifford has mentioned her “23rd Psalm Cuff” as her “favorite thing” on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Aretha Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg, CeCe Winans, and Natalie Cole have worn her pieces, and countless mothers, daughters, and best friends have shown their love for the women in their lives with Janet’s designs.

Janet’s story on

Cuff Love Here are our favorites from the Cuff line of Janet’s On this Rock collection.

photo--decorativelovedcuffhighpolishedbrassfrontDecorative Loved Cuff.

 thumbnailAngel Cuff

11-lordsprayercuff600Lord’s Prayer Cuff

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