In this week’s installment of our Diana Vreeland–inspired Why Don’t You . . .? series, we turn to an artiste who is lauded for creating clothes that withstand time and convey romantic ideals—Norman Ambrose. The designer, who launched his design house at the young age of 25, recently debuted his Spring 2013 couture collection during New York’s Fashion Week in September.

Ambrose’s collection, marked by silhouettes that fuse modernity with simplicity, kaleidoscopic prints paired with hand-embroidery, and vibrant colors of turquoise, ochre yellow, and coral orange, is inspired by the travels of Talitha Getty to Tangiers. Getty was an actress of Dutch heritage who was regarded as a style icon of the late 1960s. She and her husband, John Paul Getty, Jr., embodied a certain kind of 1960s glamour. Ambrose’s spring 2013 collection reflects a similar unique brand of glamour, infused with Getty’s free spirit and penchant for discovery and romance.

Ambrose has made the resurrection of customized fashion the core of his brand, creating his own patterns and personally working on each of his house’s made-to-measure orders. With these priorities, the Ambrose brand is known for its attention to detail, quality, and luxury.

We asked Norman Ambrose for his answer to our Vreeland-inspired Why Don’t You…? question. His response reminds us of the reasons we love his Fall 2012 collection:

Why Don’t You. . . Layer Your Luxury? For example, this alligator and sable car coat and neva green and gold bouclé shift dress exude rich tones and golden hues for fall.

Norman Ambrose, Fall 2012 Collection, Look # 3

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