This week’s contributor to our series on Summer Indulgences is Amanda Ross, Fashion Director of Departures magazine and an internationally renowned fashion stylist; costume designer; and consultant for celebrities, films, TV series, and design houses. She is known for her elegant, refined, and sophisticated eye for style; some of her career highlights include being the former Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar US, style consultant for NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, and Costume Designer for the 2009 film It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep.
Image: Amanda Ross with friend Antony Todd, interior designer.


Favorite Summer Destination: Le Sirenuse Hotel, in Positano, Italy.

Current Summer ReadingLaughter After Dark, by Vladimir Nabokov.

What to Wear to a Summer Party: Little white dress.

Favorite Summer FragranceBack to Black, by Kilian.

Necessary Summer Indulgence: Ice cream.

Preferred Seasonal Spa Fix: The Ashram, in Mallorca, Spain.

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Favorite House Gift for a Summer Weekend Invitation: Candles from Diptyque.

Favorite Summer Entertaining Tips: Keep it simple, cold, and fresh. Always have good music for ambience.

Preferred Summer Accessories: Lots of cuffs; bracelets mixed together; coral and gold mixed with tribal beads; canvas tote; tops from Irving & Fine; Tuccia di Capri gold sandals.

Hermès Kelly GM Cuff for Fall 2012; K. Amato Classic Tribal Blue Coral Dagger Necklace; Irving & Fine Tunic;  Tuccia di Capri Gold Sandal.

Current Film on your List to See this Summer: Rock of Ages.


What Else Are You Loving this Summer: Embroidered Cotton Lace Vest and Foil Printed Cotton Voile Skirt from Gregory Parkinson and Manolo Blahnik’s Chaos shoes.


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  • quintessence July 14, 2012 at 8:59 am

    I love so many of Amanda’s picks!! I have been dying to go to Le Sirenuse forever!! I adore Diptype candles (fig is a favorite) and an Irving & Fine jacket is on my wish list!! And I also live for my monthly delivery of Departures!!

  • b. elliott July 13, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Had lunch today at La Sireneuse; mussels, fresh anchovies and branzino tartars. Then bought two pairs of beautiful custom made sandals for a song and ready in an hour! Oh, to happy days in Positano! Loved your post!