DSC_0279Whether to lose those pounds that crept on over the holidays or to become stronger for health or sports, getting in shape is on everyone’s resolution list. To ensure that we look our best while working out, we enlisted the help of stylish trainer Cheryl Blenk in sharing five fashionable picks for your workout wardrobe.

Recently selected as one of Athleta’s Sponsored Athletes of 2013, Cheryl is a certified athletic trainer and strength coach who has combined her knowledge of sports medicine with her extensive background in swimming to create a unique approach to train athletes of all ages. A contributor to former Olympic coach Nick Baker’s book The Swimming Triangle, as well as the head dry-land coach for the Empire swim club and a private personal trainer and triathlon coach, Cheryl is always on the go. Whether competing in local and regional triathlons or enjoying outdoor sports with her husband and three children, Cheryl continues to inspire others through her optimistic attitude, competitive spirit, and pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.



These tights from Athleta are great for running. They are form-fitting but comfortable around the waist. And since these tights have reflective designs on both the front and back of the leg, you can feel more visible while running—the safer, the better!










This breathable half-zip top from Athleta is my favorite for layering, especially with the cold chill in the air. It has thumb holes that cover your wrists while you’re running and keep the sleeves from rolling up. And when you start heating up, you can cool off by unzipping the top, instead of having to completely de-layer!








As a triathlete, I am always looking for a durable yet comfortable running shoe. I swear by my GEL-Noosas from ASICS. They are supportive yet lightweight, and for women who have a slightly narrow but long foot, these shoes are the perfect fit. The breathable netting in the front allows your foot to stay cool and the bright colors bring a little sunny cheer during these cold winter months.







These Nike elite structure socks are designed just for running! They are low cut, which many prefer, and have just enough cushioning where you need it. They are also comfortable and the perfect thickness (very thin!). I highly recommend these if you are a middle- to long- distance runner.








Safety, safety, safety is my mantra. Running at this time of year in the early morning means that you need to be seen in the dark! This reflective Lululemon Get up and Glow jacket keeps you safe in style.








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  • Diane Dettmann February 1, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    So true, quintessence!

  • quintessence February 1, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    Great picks Cheryl!! Everything is easier when we know we are looking good!!

  • Diane Dettmann February 1, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Cheryl, thanks for sharing the great looking athletic work out clothes. I’m a Minnesota outdoor exercise gal and walk/run almost everyday in the winter. I don’t have any “hot” looking gear like this, I’m usually layered up in 4-5 layers of clothes and have my heavy duty “ice trekkers” attached to my old tennis shoes. Not exactly a fashion statement, but at least I’m warm when the single digits hit!