In this week’s installment of our Diana Vreeland–inspired Why Don’t You . . .? series, we turn to an actor who reminds us that sometimes the simplest acts of kindness and generosity are the most notable.

Kelly Rutherford currently stars as Lily Humphrey in the CW’s hit drama Gossip Girl, based on the popular book series about privileged teenagers in New York City. The show, which has a tremendous following, is in its sixth season. Many TV watchers  might also recognize Rutherford for her role as Megan Mancini in the 1990s series Melrose Place—another hit show. At 43, Kelly is the mother of two, a philanthropist supporting organizations such as Healthy Child Healthy World, Free Arts, and the Step Up Women’s Network, and an avid environmentalist who values an organic and green lifestyle.

Rutherford’s reponse to our “Why Don’t You?” query:

“Why Don’t You. . .Kiss someone you love? Tell them you love them, and bring them flowers or a gift for no reason other than you know it will make them happy.”

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