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Fashion Friday: Jewelry and Philanthropy

October ushers in the very important National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It also ushers in the “Buy Pink” consumer phenomenon. This month, women’s magazines and e-zines produce beautiful editorial spreads showcasing lots of glitzy swag that comes with extra benefits: all (or some) of the proceeds generated goes to breast cancer research and charities. A noble endeavor indeed.

However, when it comes to swag of the jewelry kind, a notable lot of designers remind us that we don’t have to wait until October of every year to pair philanthropy with jewelry. Neither must our jewelry-for-a-cause purchases be wedded to the color pink. In this week’s Fashion Friday we spotlight four impressive women jewelry designers and women-led jewelry companies that have ongoing initiatives that combine jewelry with philanthropy: either the proceeds go to a specific charitable cause or customers are offered the chance to support their own initiatives. Philanthropy is beautiful indeed. 



Jewelry for Cause

white-hamsaJewelry for a Cause was founded in 2008 by a former lawyer and mother of two, Jessica Mindich. From the beginning, the concept was unique yet simple: design and create inexpensive yet fashionable pieces of jewelry that can be sold at a profit to raise money for various schools and charity organizations. The company now works with artisans from all over the world, helping them to create sustainable lives for their families through their crafts. The company is already responsible for providing more than $400,000 to worthy causes.




Alex and Ani

cbd_summer_nav_v2 Carolyn Rafaelian, the CEO, Founder, and Creative Director of Alex and Ani, created Charity by Design, which serves as a unique division of the company that focuses solely on giving to charitable organizations. Rafaelian creates customized symbolic charms (pictured left) that capture the essence of a charity. Proceeds are donated directly to the nonprofit organization.





Kendra Scott


In 2002, with just $500, Kendra Scott launched a mini-jewelry collection that has grown today into a global brand. Scott has stayed committed to the company’s founding philosophies— “Family, Fashion & Philanthropy.” With three staples of her collection—Issie Hearts, Seton Lolley Necklace, and Susan G. Komen Austin (pictured left)—Scott donates 20 percent of the profits to specific causes. You can read more about the inspiration for her pieces here





Brave Collection

braveThe Brave Collection is a line of jewelry handmade in Cambodia by talented artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities. Each piece in the collection is carved and woven entirely by hand. The company was founded by Jessica Hendricks, who spent time as an English teacher in Thailand and is using Brave as a platform to provide job opportunities to women in Cambodia.

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