Living in older buildings in NYC does come with some benefits: vintage crown moldings, thicker walls, and an endearing lived-in feel. The drawbacks are aging heat and plumbing:  the boiler in the basement fizzes out, leaving you freezing in your room and relying on the gym for showers. The weather is COLD, COLD, COLD, and it will continue to be for quite some time. Having a space heater helps when the radiator is dead, but you definitely need some heat-trapping items around to prevent the cold from stealing the body heat you’ve produced. Not only are faux fur throws elegant and luxurious, they are very cozy! My personal favorite: Life Comfort Sherpa Throw (got mine at Costco). It is hands-down the most comfortable and warmest blanket I have. I wrap myself in a cocoon with this blanket every night.

Of course, there are many other great options (scroll down for a list).  If you own one of those old-fashioned hot water bottles, you can even get a cozy alpaca cover to keep the heat lasting even longer.

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The easiest way to stay warm indoors is simple layering. Start with a thin baselayer or undergarment and throw on a sleep shirt or robe. Look for fabrics that are woven in a thermal or waffle pattern or fabrics that have fine, tight weaves of synthetic fibers. These types of fabrics are more likely to keep heat close to your body. You can always add a down vest for extra warmth. Don’t forget your feet. Wooden or stone floors hold in cold temperatures.  Keep your feet and toes warm with shearling slippers on, or  you can always opt for nice plush socks.

If you feel like those extra layers just aren’t doing the trick, grab the closest domesticated animal (man, dog, or cat) and snuggle! Top off the day with your favorite book and a big mug of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.

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