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Fashion Friday: Fall Jewelry Trends

Pure White Pearl Necklace by Stella McCartney — This short pearl necklace in pure white is on a wire and is purposefully designed to be twisted, shaped, molded and worn as desired. (Photo:


Brooches — Designed to be attached to garments, the brooches of the fall season surely should be held close to the heart. Whether used as pure adornment or solely ornamental, nothing says vintage modern more than an exquisite statement brooch.


Lily of the Valley Brooch and Maple Leaf Brooch by Verdura — The autumn-hued ingredients that make up this delectable pair include: pearls en tremblant, diamonds, garnets, and green tourmalines. (Photos:

Chokers — Fall 2015 is about the neck. Linear, strong yet delicate, the season-trending choker can be both an understated statement or eye-catching neck candy.


Flat Plate Gold-Plated Choker by Jennifer FisherSleek and minimal, this slip-on style choker has a smooth finish and a lightweight feel. Wear yours to punctuate a simple dress. (Photo:

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  • Diane Dettmann September 11, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Excited to see pearls and broaches back in style. I actually have a few in my jewelry box. I think I’ll dig the vintage pieces out. Not sure how modern they are, but I’ll give them a whirl!