The Clutch: Sophisticated. Elegant. Timeless. Simple. Versatile. Reinvented.

Although the enviable clutch makes the contemporary fashion headlines each season as one of the hottest accessory trends, it’s not a modern invention, as many might think. The clutch has secured its place as a fashion staple since the Victorian era, when the ladies of the court began storing their handkerchiefs and accoutrements in small decorative bags called reticules. Women were drawn to the lightness, convenience, and demureness of the sleek design. Eventually, the reticule went out of style. But during the 1940s, when World War II resulted in shortages of everything, women returned to minimalist fashions, including the revived and reinvented clutch. Born in an era of excess and materialism, the clutch saw its rebirth during a time that called for anything but.

This handbag is constantly being reinvented and adjusted to complement the fashion landscape of the time and to fit women’s changing needs. Designers  understand that the 21st century woman needs a little more breathing room for essentials: lipstick, keys, cash, driver’s license, credit card, AND cellphone. The clutch needed to evolve—and it has. It’s no longer just an evening purse but an efficient daytime look as well. Clutches are now part of a woman’s fashion identity, a staple of her wardrobe, a symbol of her knack for personalizing an outfit, an effortless way to jazz up an ensemble—by, for example, adding a brightly colored clutch to a conservative-colored dress. This petite purse proves true the old adage that the best things come in small packages.

To help you take hold of your accessories this season, here are  10 of our favorite clutches. They will add both elegance and zsa zsa zoom to your fashion wardrobe this fall.



Ceres Clutch





LAUREN MERKIN  Iris Stamped Snake Clutch






Envelope Clutch








Wood Margo Clutch







Pleated Lace Clutch









Snakeskin Chameleon Wallet Clutch







Vibora Clutch






De-Manta Red Suede Clutch









Contrast Buckle Clutch






Storm Laced Clutch

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  • quintessence October 28, 2012 at 10:33 am

    What a fantastic round up of fashionable pieces!! Think I need to do a little shopping!