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Fashion Friday: Colleen Caslin’s ‘Ageless Style’ on 1010ParkPlace

Colleen Caslin . If you’re like us, you’re tired of seeing clothes and magazines that don’t reflect the women we see in the mirror: smart, accomplished, grown-up. 1010ParkPlace, founded by entrepreneur Brenda Coffee, is out to counter these kinds of misrepresentations with the understanding that a woman’s style continues to evolve as she does. This week the site beautifully profiled Women’s Voices for Change board member Colleen Caslin, COO of Verdura fine jewelry. . In Coffee’s interview, we learn about Caslin’s love affair with jewelry. While she’s been at the helm of Verdura since 2008, her romance with diamonds and pearls began in her student days when she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology while simultaneously working at Tiffany & Company. Caslin shared with 1010ParkPlace, which also curates fashionable clothes chosen with women over 40 in mind—and whose motto “Where Style is Ageless” we absolutely adore—her personal definition of ageless style:
“Most women, when they reach a certain point in their lives, are empowered and truly embrace their life. They aren’t afraid to change and push boundaries, or they become complacent, and there’s not the desire, or the theater in their daily life. Being comfortable in your own skin and not basing your feelings on someone else’s attitude is important.”
. Read the full profile on Colleen Caslin  at 1010ParkPlace and make sure you subscribe to its refreshing and much-needed take on fashion and beauty for grown-up women. .. . . . RELATED:

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  • B. Elliott August 29, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    Great profile of Colleen. So happy to learn about this site. I will certainly subscribe!