Black: Elegant. Sophisticated. Seductive. Versatile.


The term “Black Friday” (and increasingly Black Thursday) signals for many retailers a turning point in profits. On the books, stores hope to be “in the black” making profits as opposed to “in red ink” suffering losses.  For the rest of us, the frenzied day after Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season and the holiday shopping madness. Accountants are not the only ones happy about their clients being in black today. In honor of “Black Friday,” we thought it fitting to pay homage to the beauty of  black. 

These days, fashion headlines declare, “Black is Back.”  Magazines may dictate to us that black is the trendiest color of the season, but we believe that black never leaves the carousel of fashion and style. From  the power pantsuit, to the office suit, to the little black dress, to the cocktail dress, to the black-tie gown, black is the color of confidence, competence, elegance, and sophistication. Its darkness creates an air of mystery, hides imperfections, and flatters the body. And, black is oh so exotic, exuding sexiness, seduction, and intrigue.

Simply put, this is THE color that is always stylish as it is timeless. And when we think of timeless we can’t help but think of that classic icon of grace and style Audrey Hepburn and how she made the little black dress a fashion staple.

We’re not the only ones in the black fan club. Vogue agrees. In its “Back to Black” feature on the black pantsuit (December, 2012), Sarah Mower reminds us of that wonderful quality black has–it can be easily reinvented. “Really noticeable now is that the black of 2013 is nowhere as monolithic as it used to be,” she writes.

Black is also about versatility and modernity. The New York Times fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, pays tribute to The Modern Woman in his “On the Street” series and notes:

“Black is about women reacting to modern realities. It isn’t that it’s new. It’s that it’s convenient and works for modern women who raise families, have jobs, go to work and can’t fool around with putting themselves together. . .”

For that modern woman, black almost functions as her uniform—black boots, tights, long skirts, turtle necks, and blazers—portray a look that is pulled together and chic. For many, black is a dependable neutral. It’s a glorious backdrop for decoration and trimming with for example, a gorgeous belt. Or, it can be an expansive canvas for accessorizing with stunning jewelry. Here are some of our favorite ways to embrace the black is beautiful movement.


The elegant Black Pant Suit exudes power, reflects a look that is pulled together, and radiates confidence.

Donna Karan Modern Icons Black Pant Suit.  Available at Donna Karan.











Add a fresh perspective to the Black Office Suit by pairing it with something white–an accent, a border, or a trim. 

Calvin Klein Color-Block Dress. Available at Lord & Taylor, NYC, 212.391.3344.














The Little Black Dress does not mean the “plain black dress.” Try a v-neckline, long sleeves, or a brocade print to add some character.

Stella McCartney Brocade Peplum Dress. Available at














Show some skin with the Black Cocktail Dress by opting for a touch of lace. The seduction of black coupled with the allure of lace make for a glamorous and decadent statement at the cocktail hour or for those glitzy holiday parties.

PS. The fabulous 67-year-old Helen Mirren is a fan of the black lace dress.

Dolce & Gabanna Macramé Lace Dress. Available at

Warehouse Lace Bodice Soft Midi Dress. Available at House of Fraser.



The Black-Tie Gown is an opportunity to step outof the box. A two-toned black dress with nude undertones adds a wonderful touch of contrast.

JDL Mermaid Style Off-the-shoulder Dress. Available at


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