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Fashion Friday: Adele Uddo’s Skin Care 101


What book(s) do you consider your go-to for skin care?
I believe beauty and health go hand in hand. Having beautiful skin is an inside/outside job. I’m not one of those models who claim to eat cake for breakfast. Personally, I’m more partial toward reading about nutrition than skincare. I believe dietary nutrition is almost as essential as topical treatments, since it also provides essential fatty acids, oils, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to the skin, hair and nails. I believe in balance, so I’m not rigid with my diet, yet I try to minimize sugar and processed foods.


What are your favorite websites for skin care products?
I don’t subscribe to many skincare websites. Some seem to talk about what we were learning as kids on the commune. 😉 However, I enjoy reading Dr. Mercola’s newsletter and like his skincare products.


essie-in-the-lobby-935 552323_in_xl

‘In the Lobby’ by Essie and ‘Naked’ by Deborah Lippmann

What color nail polish will you be rocking this Fall?
Last week I worked with Essie, and asked Rita Remark (celebrity manicurist) about hot colors this fall and she said to look for caramels. Reds are always great for fall, though think more burnt toffee and sienna, like ‘Very Structured’ and ‘Playing Koi.’ ‘In the Lobby’ is a rich merlot and a fall favorite of mine. Nudes are always chic any time of year, and my favs are ‘Naked’ by Deborah Lippmann, ‘Spin the Bottle’ by Essie, ‘Sheer Petal’ by Revlon, and ‘Muse’ by Jin Soon.


weleda_skin_food_75ml_1369221650Do you have a special seasonal hand cream that you turn to for the Fall/Winter months?
When it’s winter and I’m working in NYC, I like using Skin Food by Weleda. It’s rich and keeps hands hydrated during harsher temperatures. I’m really into oils during fall/winter months. For extra hand hydration, try mixing a few drops of sandalwood essential oil into a carrier like coconut oil.


What are your must-have fashion fall gloves?
I favor finger-less gloves since I can still function when wearing them. They’re great for fall. My favorite pair is black cashmere from Ralph Lauren.


What is your favorite commercial where “beautiful hands” stole the scene?
I’ve had a hand in hundreds of commercial inserts, many of which you’d barely notice — anything from twisting lipstick, to twirling a glass of wine, pushing buttons in a car, or pulling apart a pizza.



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