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Fashion Friday: Designing Your 2015

Yes, we know it’s only one day after Christmas, but it’s not too soon to start mapping out 2015. Nothing can be more fashionable than a brand-new year, and one that you are ready to tackle! In fact, a well-designed year suggests a well-designed life! In this week’s Fashion Friday we share top ways for you to get organized and ready to confront 2015 with style and poise and tech savvy.

10514464_687185301348652_2179443653427536643_nThe Day Designer (Image from

The first step in getting organized is to get things down on paper (yes, paper). We love the concept behind Day Designer. Make no mistake, this planner is no run-of-the-mill agenda. The woman behind it, Whitney English, could never find a planner that fit her life and the demands of her days and week. So she decided to create one of her own that catered to creative professionals, busy mamas, and girls-on-the-go in mind. Each planner features space for your top three to-dos, a running to-do list, a robust schedule section, goal-setting work sheets, an at-a-glance core summary page, a current yearly-at-a-glance calendar, and a reference calendar for the next year  And—our absolute favorite thing that sets this planner apart—a place to record a daily note of gratitude.

Now if you’ve fully transitioned into the 21st century and paper is not for you, perhaps Evernote is! Called “the workspace for your life,” Evernote is a free app for your smartphone or your computer that stores everything you could possibly imagine losing track of. It also lets you take notes, save webpages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas with friends and colleagues. The app works seamlessly, keeping everything in sync between your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

JournalMax Latch Italian Leather Journal from Jenni Bick

awritersdiary_woolfWe’re curious: How many of you still keep journals? Virginia Woolf, who began writing in 1915 at 33 years old, was dedicated to writing in her journal. In fact, she left 26 volumes of handwritten treasures about her life. In an entry dated April 20, 1919, Woolf writes about the beauty of journaling:

“. . . the habit of writing thus for my own eye only is good practice. It loosens the ligaments. Never mind the misses and the stumbles.”

Of course, when one journals, one must journal in style. We love the handmade, leather-bound journals from Jenni Bick. We especially adore the Max Latch leather journal, which is handmade in Italy. This beautiful writing repository will impel you to carve out space in your day to journal.

And finally, nothing is more stylish than a woman who is smart about her money. LearnVest, the money-management site for women, has been gaining international recognition for its mission to make financial planning  affordable, accessible, and even delightful. If you are streamlining your financial life in 2015, whether you want to budget better, save for big trips, maximize your investments, or something in between, LearnVest has been helping thousands of women get on track.

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