For most of us, our phones have become essential to our work life and our play life. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are, we think, much more women-friendly. Most of us carry our phones in purses, anyway—so all the chatter about the iPhone’s larger size being incompatible with jean and pant pockets is meant for the guys. And why would anyone think sticking a $500 piece of equipment into a back pocket is a smart idea anyway? Moving on. . .  With the new iPhone came new cases and wallets to adorn them with. Here are our favorite picks for iPhone cases and wallets that are just as functional as they are fashionable.


leather 1Adopted

This case features signature genuine leather and is fused to a metalized frame for a classic and sophisticated look. The durable leather and impact-resistant frame keep the case looking great even through heavy use.



This elegantly crafted frame of Eastern Hardrock Maple is joined with a supple cover of premium London-tanned leather that gives this case an undeniable allure. And the case beautifully doubles as a stand.


img-thingTory Burch

The epitome of understated chic, the  Robinson Pebbled Convertible Wristlet pulls double duty: It’s the all-in-one for your mobile and your cash and cards. Made of super-soft, richly textured leather, it has a zip closure and a wrist strap—a must for multi-taskers.



This simple stylish iPhone sleeve is 100% handmade. The size can be customized for any kind of iPhone. And, it is soft to carry around and touch but extremely durable.

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  • phyllis mass November 14, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Hardly ever carry phone in handbag.Use the Defender Otterbox series which has a belt clip which I clip on to my pants or jeans. Too much info on phone to trust keeping it in handbag. Clip comes off case for times I wear a dress. May not scream designer but it does the job. Have an iPhone 6 plus.