In WVFC’s entire history (five years and counting), this February has got to rate as the most active, interesting—and certainly the sexiest—on record. We thank the many new contributors whose musings on romance, family, and the meaning of Valentine’s Day gave this dismal month such a rosy glow. And big bouquets to Dr. Hilda and Dr. Pat for their wonderfully candid, informative, and funny conversations about sexuality, sensuality, and women over 40. If you’ve missed the first two editions of their Saturday “Sex Talk,” we encourage you to catch up, because there’s more to come. Kudos, too, to everyone who joined the online party at last night’s Live Oscar Blog.

Today, though, our thoughts are turning to Spring.

Across much of the country, New Year’s resolutions about healthy eating, exercise, and self-care were torpedoed by Arctic temperatures and mammoth repeat snowfalls. There may still be a few grubby drifts malingering here and there, but the tide is undeniably turning, and spring is on the way.

Which makes this a terrific month to refocus on renewal—specifically, self-health and self-care. As the month progresses, we’ll be talking about ways that we can take charge of our health and well-being, and truly care for ourselves—from reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease to starting an exercise regime after chemotherapy—with inspiring stories of renewal and reinvention thrown in.

Tomorrow, we’ll kick off with a salute to WVFC’s own nutrition writer Keri Gans, whose new book, The Small Change Diet, debuts this month. We’ll have a sneak-preview excerpt designed to get your day—and your month—off to a terrific start. And later in the month, we’ll have a full-fledged review.

We look forward to celebrating spring with you, and the renewal and empowerment that it can bring. Time to get moving!

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