Many hundreds of girls abducted and sold into sexual slavery have been rescued since ISIS overran northern Iraq in 2014, notes Esther Addley in The Guardian They return deeply traumatized after the beatings, torture, imprisonment, and daily rape they have suffered. [See Dr, Ali Muthanna’s view from a refugee camp in the January 27 issue of The Guardian.]

“Even though the Kurdistan regional government and the locals are doing a great job to try to support them, there is still that culture that is ingrained in the society that says if you have been raped or lost your virginity, you don’t have as much value,” declares Jacqueline Isaac.

Isaac, a lawyer and human-rights advocate, is urging Britain and other Western countries to offer asylum and psychological support to 100 girls: “We’re not talking about letting in thousands of refugees, we’re talking about 100 young girls that need care that they may not be able to get there [in northern Iraq] because of lack of resources and the culture,”

Germany has taken in at least 1,100 formerly enslaved young women in a program that offers them psychological support. As for Britain, a spokesman for the Home Office declared “that it was a longstanding government position that someone could not apply for asylum from outside the UK.”

What about us?

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