At WVFC we like to think of ourselves as a “Be Here Now” kind of organization. It’s not that we don’t all have wonderful memories and lots of outrageous photos of ourselves from years past, but the present is what we mean to celebrate—that and a belief that we are forging a better future for women of our generation and women who follow.

This week, though, we had real reason to dip into the archives. Kay Ryan, the poet who best represents the confluences of humility with humor and capacity with the casual was tapped by the Pulitzer Board for her volume of poetry “The Best of It.” We are so proud that we dedicated last April to the poetry of Ryan, at the time our nation’s poet laureate, and you can see each of our Poetry Fridays from April 2010 here:

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After revisiting her work on Poetry Fridays, we recommend that you write yourself a reminder to Google her. The interviews you’ll find, the factoids, the insights into a woman who once defined laboring in obscurity until she became wildly embraced and beloved as why we have the word “uplifting.” Here is a sampling:

Editorial: Kay Ryan Is Golden in World of Poetry

Pulitzer Prize Winner Kay Ryan Opens Minds

Pulitzer Winner Kay Ryan on Poetry, Rhyming, and Terminal Cancer

A Conversation With Kay Ryan, U.S. Poet Laureate and James Billington, Librarian of Congress

NEWSHOUR w/ JIM LEHRER | Kay Ryan Discusses Her New Poems

The Poet’s View — Kay Ryan

Finally, the beauty of the love story between her and her partner, Carol Adair, who died in 2009 and was Ryan’s reason for undertaking a collection of her older poems…well, let’s just say it is beautiful to witness the all of it as well as the best of it. Quite simply, Kay Ryan is a national treasure who shows what an abundance can come from blooming later in life. We salute her and those who recognize her singularity with accolades and the attention she so deserves.

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