The reviews have been stunning.   The lead roles are played by actors who are stunning.  The twists and turns of the plot are, well, stunning.  But all of that is nothing compared to the phenomenal moment when we go into the dark and duplicitous techno-cryptic, cutting edge and gritty intelligence/ counterintelligence den manned by men and one…wait a minute, can it be?  Mature Woman.

We don’t want to give anything away, but if you are not sure if you should see this flick, flick away your hesitations and rush to watch Kathleen Chalfant playing a key role as a hip, swift, savvy corporate spy who has all the moves.

It’s a juicy role.  It’s meant to spotlight the muscularity and braininess of a brilliant,  dignified and beautiful woman without the neon of tokenism nor the pandering of humor.  Ms. Chalfant’s character is simply the best at what she does.  And she’s one of us, girls.

It’s the promised land, ladies.  A wonderful role played with complete artistry and understated to the point where it screams progress.  Spring just may have arrived.

— Laura Sillerman

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