“This menopause business is not turning out the way I’d hoped,” writes Michelle Slatalla this week in the New York Times.

How many of us have said that?

In fact, it’s what inspired this website.

Women’s Voices for Change is about life before, during, and after menopause—emphasis on ‘life.’ There’s info about menopause and women’s health here, for sure, but more, too: news, opinion, culture, tech, and other hot-button topics from the perspective of women over 40, along with personal reflections about the pleasures and challenges of this time of life.

Amid the sizzling accounts of her body’s haywire thermostat, Slatalla writes: “If there’s any happy surprise, it’s that’s menopause doesn’t suddenly turn you old. I’m still me, albeit with annoying physical symptoms, but without any of Edith Bunker’s grandmotherly demeanor.”

That’s the way we see it, too.

Welcome to Women’s Voices for Change. We’d love to hear your thoughts, and suggestions for topics to cover or features to add. And we invite you to take a moment to sign up for email updates (in the upper right corner of this page), become a Facebook fan, or follow us on Twitter. We’re looking to rethink menopause and what it means for women today, and we’re thrilled for you to join us.

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  • Kathy Tremblay March 4, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    I entered menopause at the age of 58; I’ll be 61 in April. My biggest complaint – and no one I know seems to share this – is a sudden abundance of light facial hair! Not just an occasional wild hair on my chin, but a 1/4 inch of light soft hair from ear to chin and upper lip! I had it waxed once, but read that waxing will eventually cause the hair to corsen. Now I cut it back with at small pair of sissors, but it still seems so obvious to me. Honestly, I would gladly trade this for hot flashes! Anyone out there who shares my dilemma? What do YOU do? HELP!!

    • Lombardi Chris March 5, 2010 at 12:57 pm

      Kathy: Thanks for raising this common problem. We’ve called in Dr. Michael Reed, dermatologist who manages hair loss but knows about hair issues in general. He is terrific, and we’ll post your letter and his reply soon.