I so yearn for these men to be statesmanlike, to be viewing our plight from 30,000 feet, and not in the trenches.  Obama comes closest here by saying, not for the first time, "Making sure we disagree without being disagreeable."  And yet, McCain insists on going back to Ayers, giving Obama the chance to discuss the milieu in which he worked with Mr. Ayers.  It so happens that our son was a championship debater in high school, which meant that my husband and I had to "volunteer" to judge in large debates.  So when I say Obama scored the point here, I have a tad of experience on the topic.  "Let me tell you who I associate with now," says Obama.  He names his advisors who "will be surrounding me in the White House."  Score again.   McCain is back to Ayers and Acorn, with a statement that Obama abjurs… trenches, not the big picture.  We are facing A Second Depression, people losing their retirment, their futures, the presents.   

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