Congratulations to Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker, winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize for commentary. The Pulitzer Prize board praised Tucker’s “courageous, clear-headed columns that evince a strong sense of morality and persuasive knowledge of the community.” View all the other winners here.

According to Editor & Publisher, Tucker’s submissions included coverage of “GOP efforts in Georgia and elsewhere to suppress the vote of people (often poor African-Americans) through such means as a push for paid IDs. People have likened that to the Jim Crow-era poll tax.”

In addition to her work as a columnist, Tucker is also the Journal-Constitution’s editorial page editor. From E&P:

When it comes to prize consideration, Tucker competes mostly against columnists who aren’t also full-time editors. Tucker said she’s so used to wearing two job hats that she “can’t imagine what it would be like” to have the luxury of doing only a column. “But I’m committed to squeezing out the [column] reporting time on the issues that are important,” Tucker said.

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  • Billie Brown May 11, 2009 at 9:43 am

    How did I miss this? Having been a fan of Cynthia’s column for [mmhghmm] decades now, I can think of no one writing in journalism today who is more deserving. No one more honest, more fearless, more dedicated to the highest standards of the profession. Like so many deserving writers, she is too often without honor in her own land (read news market), generating nasty comments from racists and the like. Yet she writes on. Brava!!