Speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, actress Cynthia Nixon revealed that she had breast cancer in 2006, shortly after leaving HBO’s "Sex and the City" series.

"I didn’t really want to make it public while I was going through it. I didn’t want paparazzi at the hospital, that kind of thing," she said.

Nixon’s mother battled breast cancer when Nixon was 12 years old. Her grandmother also battled with breast cancer. The 42-year-old actress broke the news to her children and then had a lumpectomy followed by six and a half weeks of radiation.

It’s easy to become somewhat dulled to announcements by celebrities that they’ve been diagnosed with any particular disease. But we can’t forget the impact these things have. Thousands of people decided to have a colonoscopy when Katie Couric televised her own, after her husband’s death. So brava to Cynthia. And take a look here for the latest on detection and treatment.

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