This is one of those “no good way to answer” stories. But it shows the power of the word, doesn’t it? Not to mention a good bit of societal ignorence about the whole business of menopause and fertility.

Actress Courtney Cox has laughed off a report claiming she is no longer able to conceive, insisting the rumour she is going through the menopause is “a lie”.

The former Friends star, 43, gave birth to daughter Coco in 2004, after years of trying to get pregnant with husband David Arquette.

But she insists a recent magazine article alleging she has become infertile is false – and she refuses to let the rumours bother her.

She says, “I just saw a magazine photo of me coming out of my doctor’s office and it says I’m going through the menopause, so I’m really upset because I can’t have another child. It’s a lie.

“But it’s not worth getting upset about. If I’m looking OK in the photo, I don’t really care.”

So, Dr. Pat, any advice on the menopausal transition for Ms. Cox?

-Elaine L.

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