Isn’t it great when smart, hardworking women get the credit? Well, two of the best reporters around, Dana Priest and Anne Hull of the Washington Post, won a Pulitzer today for their series on Walter Reed Medical Center. The story documented the substandard treatment and poor living conditions for wounded soldiers. The series prompted Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to fire Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey.

A few months ago several of us WVFC women threw a Washington, D.C. party to celebrate Amy Bloom‘s book Away. Our new finance columnist Susan Stewart brought her good pal Dana Priest to the party, which was aboard Greta Van Susteren‘s boat, and we got to meet Anne Hull too. (Trust me, this is a group that knows how to have fun!) Talk about great books, great financial advice and great journalists! Seriously, these are tough times for serious journalism, and it’s thrilling to see two extraordinary women making a difference.

-Elaine L.

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