COMPLEXION, PART III: Treatments for Mature Skin


Soft-tissue injections with facial fillers may be used in many ways to address your individual concerns. In the past, nasolabial folds (facial parentheses) were the most common injection site. Other areas of possible augmentation are listed below. Please note that some of injection sites discussed below are “off-label” and not approved by FDA.

Lateral eyebrows and temples to restore adequate brow support, “brow lift” and shaping. Lifting of the upper face lifts the lower face as well, diminishing appearance of jowls.

Periorbital volumizing diminishes the appearance of infraorbital hollows and “under eye” dark circles

Shape and structural irregularities of the nose can be addressed by non-surgical filler rhinoplasty.

Periorbital wrinkles —“smile lines,” the furrows that develops around the eyes—may be softened by filler injection

Restoring cheek contour and lateral projection, volumetric reconstruction of the lateral cheek and “cheekbones” with filler material has a double benefit. First, it restores a more youthful cheek appearance, and second, replacing volume decreases sagging and soft tissue loss in the mid face. As a result, the prominence of nasolabial and the melolabial folds are reduced.

Nasolabial fold, facial “parentheses”—the lines that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth

Melolabial folds, “parentheses” of the lower face, the lines that run from the corner of the lip to the chin

Shape and structural irregularities of the chin can be addressed by non-surgical filler chin implant

Soft tissue fillers are used to fill in and augment thin lips, restoring border and lip volume.

Marionette lines”, the sad, downward expression that appears at the corners of the mouth with advanced age.

Jaw line where definition has been lost.

Acne and depressed scars.

Static wrinkles—wrinkles at rest, caused by aging, overexposure to the sun, environmental exposures, and/or cigarette smoking.


Aging is a complex interplay of numerous factors, both internal and external. For optimal results, multiple aspects should be carefully analyzed and corrected.


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