In response to this post about Silda Wall Spitzer, a reader writes in:

Cindy Adams gave Silda Spitzer advice Wednesday in the New York Post.

Fuggedaboudit, is what she suggests:

“I love Silda Spitzer. In truth, handsome, educated Silda might want to smack him. But leave him purely and simply because he grabbed a little sex on the side? Or wherever he grabbed it? Naaahh.”

I love Cindy. Read her every day. But on this one, my knickers are in a twist. I gave the piece to my husband when he walked in the door.

“Interesting,” he said. “She’s got a good point.”

“You agree with her?!”

“Yeah. I do.”

“But, it’s so … Eisenhower!” I squawked.

“You wouldn’t even have talked about what Spitzer did in the Eisenhower years,” he replied.

Well, yeah, Eisenhower was doing it with that driver. And who knows who was hiring prostitutes in the 50s. But it took years and years for it to come out. Just 48 hours after the story broke, you can read what Ashley Alexandra Dupre says about herself on MySpace.

I paused to think for a moment. “So let me ask you something — if I were the one caught having had an extended relationship with a male prostitute, would you stay with me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, there you are, then.”

I was still staring at him when the phone rang. It’s been ringing for days. Everyone in New York City makes the pretense of talking about mundane things, only to gravitate to the drama that can’t stay local. This time it was Arlene. We talked about the way the day unfolded and about how the media is treating Silda Spitzer. I recounted the exchange I had with my husband.

“Good news,” she said. “Go for it!”

I hope you’ll understand me cutting this short. I gotta go find a MySpace honey of my own.

Fran Jamison

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  • Carolyn Hahn March 13, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    I was fascinated by Cindy’s column. I love the Post–I used to read the Wall Street Journal, followed by the Times, now I read the Times, followed by desert, which is the Post. But that column was…strangely retro. Would I feel better if my husband had secret sex with a hooker [half my age] or an affair of the heart with [anyone].
    I’d kill him in either case, he sort of knows it. He actually said “you don’t have to worry about me” and I believe him. He had a good first marriage (ok, it ended, but it wasn’t his idea). He laughs that he’s afraid of me (I tower over him by about three inches–it’s sort of a standing joke). But I just read somewhere that Silda commented on Hillary’s problems with Bill at the time by saying she would never put up with that crap, she’s be more “Lorena Bobbit.” Which I told my husband, of course. ” She really said that?” He asked. Yes, but now she’s being quiet and sending dagger looks at him, where a few days ago she just looked sad.
    Five bucks says she’s packed and out of there in a month.

  • Tami Anderson March 13, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    It’s interesting that much of the media commentary around this topic has focused in on the infidelity and whether or not it should be grounds for the end of a marriage. Only the parties in the particular marriage can determine that, and should be left in privacy to do so. But the issue that’s getting lost is this wasn’t just a little “sex on the side” by a government official (yet AGAIN), but rather, a man who has built his career on upholding the law and bringing to justice those who do not, flagrantly ignoring those laws himself. We can debate whether prostitution should or shouldn’t be legal all day long but as of today it is not and that is what makes Mr. Spitzer’s crime not just a betrayal of vows, but a betrayal of public trust.