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Composer Florence Price: To Be Young, Gifted, and Black in a Jim Crow Era

In honor of Black History Month, we are spending the month celebrating the fabulous black women who have and are making a difference in our nation and around the world. Today, we share with you our profile of Florence Price. On the evening of June 15, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois, an all-white male orchestra, led by a German conductor, played music composed by a 46-year-old black woman—a breakthrough thanks to the gifted Florence Beatrice Price.
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My Hanukkah–Christmas Song

By Eleanor Foa Dienstag

As a child, I found nothing strange about the fact that, despite our being Jewish, we had a huge tree, hung with lots of sparkly decorations, with a panoply of presents underneath. We were Americans. We loved Christmas. So did everyone else.

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Jenny Burton: “Singing is the Best of Who I Am”

By Alexandra MacAaron

Jenny Burton's new album includes soaring inspirational anthems that seamlessly blend the spiritual with R&B, Motown, and musical theater. “I want to stand up with all my life experiences and put it into songs and put it on that stage," she says. "I want to let it go out and help heal, give clarity and joy."

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This Just In! My First (and Last) Justin Timberlake Concert!

By Karen Mehiel

After an impulsive bid at a New York City charity silent auction, I found myself in possession of four tickets to see Justin Timberlake at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I have never been a huge fan of Justin’s musical genre—but his showmanship at the MTV Music Awards was exciting enough to compel me to pick up that pen and sign my name on the auction list.

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Finest Musical Flashmobs

By Deborah Harkins

Oh, that contralto sidling into view singing confidently while flourishing a huge fish! Once again, part of the fun of watching a video like this is trying to figure out which of the customers eyeing the veggies is going to burst into song.

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You Never Forget Your First

By Roz Warren

The music we blasted at age 12 defined who we were. Not only that, but I believe that your first 45 record suggests something about who you still are, or at the very least contains important clues to your character, in a way that’s every bit as significant as your birth order, Zodiac sign, or response to a Rorschach or Scientology Personality Test score.

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