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The Wednesday Five

In this week's Wednesday Five: Our picks for riveting biographies and memoirs about the brilliant and revolutionary lives of 20th and 21st century women.
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The Pleasure of Summer Reading: Jennifer Haigh

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.

If you want to have a string of intensely enjoyable summer afternoons, I suggest you spend them in Bakerton, PA. A has-been coal town in western Pennsylvania, this place and its various residents is the subject of a series of novels by Jennifer Haigh. One of the most interesting things about Haigh’s writing is the way she shows how small twists and turns, minor mistakes, or missteps can make all the difference in what follows.

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Book Review: ‘Because of Sex’

By Diane Vacca

“Sadly, [Fox News commentator Gretchen] Carlson's suit follows a time-worn pattern: supervisor propositions subordinate, subordinate refuses, supervisor makes subordinate's life a misery.”

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