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Ro’s Recipes: Socks in Edinburgh

We had happened upon a pub that offered good honest Scottish fare: Scotch broth, Cullen Skink (smoked haddock soup), Howtowdie, (whole chicken stewed), venison stew, Clootie dumpling (dried fruit steamed pudding) and a rarity then in pubs, Scottish cheeses.
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Ro Howe’s Recipes: Chilled Pear Soup with Raspberries

By Ro Howe

Though we can find pears all year, they are at their best and a glorious blessing of midsummer. When you bite, their solid structure defies viscosity. Their soft, slightly gritty cell structure holds intensely flavored juice with a distinct floral-pear aroma. Bite into a ripe pear and you will be forgiven the drool of nectar smearing your lips.

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