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Divorce & Widowhood

On Becoming An Elder Stateswoman of Grief

By Esther Rosenfeld
Writing helped me to understand what I was feeling. At first it was a lament: I gave free voice to the turmoil, grief, anger, and fear. Writing this way, without restraint, helped me experience the depth of my loss. And from that deep despair I was able to accept and begin the slow transition to my new life as a widow, and to explore what that was like for me.
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Our Sisters, Ourselves: “The Power of Positive Female Connection”

By Judith A. Ross
"Nothing but the Truth" brings together a diverse array of female voices. Consider medical anthropologist Diane Tober, who shares her experiences while conducting fieldwork at a health clinic in Iran. Tober’s assumptions about Muslim women in Iran wearing the hejâb matched my own: that it was oppressive and just one more way for men to dominate women. But, according to Tober’s friend Nargess, that just isn’t so . . .
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An Episcopal Priest Confronts Loss

By Rev. Elizabeth Zarelli Turner
I was told that one of our parishioners, Kristen, was outside in her car with her 6-year-old son. Her husband had died a few hours before, during a minor outpatient procedure. At the age of 51 he had gone into cardiac arrest, and they had not been able to revive him. Kristen wanted to bring her son by the church to talk to me because she was so afraid of saying the wrong thing about his father’s death and about heaven.
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I Recycled My Husband

By Roz Warren
Rick wasn’t the right husband for me. Not his fault; there is no right husband for me. Although the saying goes that there’s a lid for every pot, I’m one of those women who should stay single. Neither lid nor pot, I’m more of a single-function stand-alone appliance, like an espresso maker.
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Manners Matter

By Women's Voices For Change
This is the second Q&A column by B. Elliott, a frequent WVFC commentator, on “doing the right thing” in our quickly evolving culture Feel free to contact Ms. Elliott at WFVC for solutions to your troublesome social problems.
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