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Annie Kim: “More Words for Snow”

By Rebecca Foust
More Words for Snow Broken and unbroken, toothless, houndless. Unsplittable, unheard-of sexy thing which fireworks then disappears. Smoke-in-the-air. Word balloons to dent the atmosphere like ………………..Don’t go home yet—touch me— ……….I remember how you looked. Grief machine. Killer of taxicab drivers and kids in new buses, well for skinny strays, lost key heaven. All the things I want to say…
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Film & Television

Worn Stories Wears Its Hearts on Sleeves
(And Other Places)

By Alexandra MacAaron
'Worn Stories' is divided into eight half-hour episodes, each held together with an emotional theme and showcasing four items and their wearers. The clothing includes everything from fur coats and sequined dresses to workboots and workout wear to uniforms, onesies, family heirlooms, statement pieces, gender affirmations, and even a pocket hankie.
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‘The Barbizon,’ 700 Rooms of One’s Own

By Alexandra MacAaron
'The Barbizon, The Hotel That Set Women Free' traces the history of the storied residence from its jazz age, prohibition beginnings to its eventual demise and rebirth. Along the way, she analyzes New York’s social, political, and economic environment.
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