Did Fox really need to censor Sally Field’s anti-war statement during the Emmy Awards? Sheesh.

And Maureen Ryan makes an excellent point about the music selected to accompany "The Sopranos" flashbacks:

Most pointless musical moment: The "Jersey Boys" tribute to "The Sopranos." What exactly was the point of that, except to make the broadcast longer? And I’m sorry, but the juxtaposition of the bouncy "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You" with footage of Silvio Dante getting ready to shoot Adriana LaCerva — topped only by a scene of a violent fight between Tony and Carmela Soprano set to the pop hit "Who Loves You" — was the was the single most cringe-inducing thing I’ve ever seen on an awards show. And I’ve seen a lot of awards shows.

Read more Emmy coverage from Women in Media & News. Women’s Media Center has more specifically about Field’s speech about mothers and war.


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