“Embrace change” are words being heard at commencement ceremonies across the country and an elite group of women in television appears to be taking that advice to heart.

Last week, Katie Couric, 54, left the anchor chair of the “CBS Evening News,” five years after she broke a barrier to become the first solo female anchor of an evening network news program. Mary Hart, 60, said farewell to “Entertainment Tonight,” which devoted the entire show to her on Friday, after her 29-year run. This week, Oprah Winfrey, 57, brings her extremely popular syndicated talk show to a close after 25 years. Early next month, Meredith Vieira, 57, will take her leave from the “Today” show after five years of waking before dawn.

These women are all media pros, so we’ll probably never know all the details of who was pushed out and who was begged to stay. And that’s not important now because the changes are fact.

What is important is that each of the four women is making her choice about what comes next. News reports have said that Couric will show up next on ABC with a new show. Hart said on Friday that she was still thinking about her next act. Winfrey has already started her OWN channel on cable television. And Vieira has indicated that her family will be a priority.

Isn’t that what the feminist movement was all about? The goal was to give women the ability to make choices.

Admittedly, Couric, Hart, Winfrey and Vieira have more choices than many women have. And through their years of hard work they have amassed the financial resources to allow themselves the time to make their own choices.

But we can still celebrate their hard-won accomplishments and wish them well in their next ventures.


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