Be Light On Your Feet – A Great Way to Start the New Year

It’s the new year and for many of us, that includes making some resolutions about health and fitness. One thing to focus on is the way we move in daily life. I’m sure you have heard the expression “light on her feet” to describe someone. What exactly this means is up to interpretation, but in general it refers to someone who moves with ease and never loses balance. A person who is “light on her feet” isn’t necessarily fast moving, but can change directions quickly and float across a room without effort. One does not have to be thin or small to be light on their feet. An excellent example of this is the recent video of Whitney Thore dancing.

Below is a list of the physical characteristics that make a person light on their feet, along with specific exercises to help achieve this quality to feel and move lighter.

  1. People with “light on their feet” quality are fairly flexible and loose in all their muscles. Being loose helps you move with more ease and freedom. Freedom from unnecessary tension in your shoulders, neck, hips, and back makes anyone feel lighter.
    • EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION: Stretch your whole body regularly and practice letting go of tension. Commit to 20 minutes of stretches for your lower and upper body, including the calves, hamstrings (back of your legs), quadriceps (front of your legs), lower back, shoulders, and neck. For guidance, see the video routine posted in a previous article here.
  2. Being able float around effortlessly requires a strong core. A person who is out of touch with their center will move without grace, tilting forward or backward, and generally be disconnected from their body.
    • EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION: Practice the three core exercises demonstrated in this previous post.
  3. Good balance and strong, healthy feet are essential parts of the equation. Some people think they have good balance, but as soon as they start moving, the world gets a little shaky. Balance is something you just have to practice.
    • EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION: First do the foot exercises in this previous post and then do the balance exercises here and here.

Lastly, people who are light on their feet usually have a personality that is a little more ready for adventure and fun. I recommend you include some of that into your new year as well!

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  • Alex February 7, 2017 at 9:54 am

    As I sit here in my Air Cast (left foot, fifth metatarsal), I have to say “Thank you” for this story. If and when I get out of this d*mn boot, I look forward to trying some of these exercises. Clearly, I need to be “lighter on my feet.”