Tamar Bihari Tamar Bihari graduated from Harvard University with a cum laude in History & Literature. A native New Yorker, she lived in Los Angeles for several years before returning east, and edited low-budget features and high-profile TV shows, including Northern Exposure and LA Law, before turning to writing full time. Bihari recently wrote a review for WVFC of HBO's Temple Grandin; she's also given us her story of sharing her brilliant and talented son, Damian, with her Harvard reunion. She also written about her family for Autism Speaks and has published articles and personal essays in various other venues. As a screenwriter, Bihari was a quarter-finalist in the prestigious Nicholl and Austin screenwriting competitions and had three screenplays optioned by producers. She, Damian, and her husband Dan Valverde now live with their two cats in New York City.
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A Surprising Revelation At My Harvard Reunion

By Tamar Bihari
By Tamar Bihari Harvard is a beautiful campus.  The ivy may be gone – they removed it when I was an  undergraduate, as it was damaging the buildings – but the rest is all still there: the low-slung red brick buildings encircling the green swath of Harvard Yard, the white stone temple of Widener Library with its majestic columns and…
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