Perry Barber Against all odds, Perry Barber has sustained a 32-year career as a baseball umpire, and is the only woman so far to have umpired major league exhibition games in both the United States and Japan. A Jeopardy! champion as well as the author of dozens of articles about sports officiating for Referee Magazine and other journals, she is currently writing a book about her umpiring experiences. In a former life she was a musician/composer who opened shows as a solo performer for Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, but her focus the last three decades has been on keeping the stained grass windows of opportunity in professional and amateur baseball open for other women umpires. She blogs at Dishing It... and Taking It, Too.
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Great Implications: Title IX, 40 Years Later

By Perry Barber
Those two little words, “Title IX,” evoke reactions running the gamut from profound gratitude to outright hostility. The gratitude comes from millions of girls who have benefited immeasurably by the act’s provisions. The hostility springs from a lot of misunderstanding about what the law actually means and accomplishes.
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