Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes is a hybrid artist from Northern California. Her poetry, fiction, scores, essays, and interviews have appeared widely in journals including Dance Art Journal, Samfiftyfour Literary, Marin Poetry Center Anthology, Gallatin Review, October Hill Magazine, LOCULUS Collective, Washington Square News, and VerbalEyze Press, where she published her first novella, through Eileen. She is an editorial writer for inbtwn magazine and serves as Marin Poetry Center's webmaster, excited to launch its inaugural Youth Poet Ambassador Program 2021-2022. Her ongoing project,, is a digital platform where poets can generate choreographic scores for dancers is currently being exhibited at the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art. Visit her at

Karen Benke: “Spring Cleaning”

By Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes
"Another part of the poem’s process was in thinking through what it means to really, truly forgive forever: forgive ourselves, forgive another human. How it’s a gift for both people." - Karen Benke
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