Laura Baudo Sillerman A published author and poet, Laura Baudo Sillerman is a founding member of the Women’s Voices for Change Board of Directors.

Facebook and Not Me

By Laura Baudo Sillerman

It is hard to imagine the world without Facebook, but not hard to long for the day when liking something meant you had thought about or experienced it for more than three seconds.

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September 11, 2011: A Nation United By Hope

Laura Baudo Sillerman

Did September 11, 2011, reconstitute any of those equations? Put another way, did the marathon of remembering restore us as a nation in any way? Strangely, I believe the answer may be yes. We may not have gotten back to the innocence of a decade ago, but we just might have healed a bit in places where we weren’t even aware of the hurt.

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