Judie Rae Judie Rae is the author of four books for young people, including a Nancy Drew Mystery. She also authored a college thematic reader, "Rites of Passage" and a poetry chapbook "The Weight of Roses," published by Finishing Line Press. After twenty-seven years of teaching college English, Judie now concentrates on writing articles and essays primarily related to life in the Sierra Foothills, where, when she’s not writing or gardening, she enjoys hiking the many trails around Nevada County.
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The Warmth of the Season

By Judie Rae
By Judie Rae

Today, in an effort to avoid the mass consumerism that has overtaken the holiday, I still bake, only now it’s biscotti for friends. While this twice-baked delight is a great deal of work, the smells that permeate the house let us know that the holiday is near. Paired with a special bag of coffee, which I purchase on sale, the biscotti make a special gift for the postal person, the propane-delivery man, and the secretaries at the college where I teach.

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